Manufacturing News of Note—Merck & Co., Just - Evotech to share specialized biologics space; DBL buys GSK cream line in Bangladesh

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>  Merck & Co will pay Seattle-based Just – Evotec Biologics $15 million upfront to use excess capacity at a biologics facility the company is building in Redmond, Washington. Story

> GBA Group Pharma has doubled the size of its clinical supply facilities in Vienna ahead of Brexit, it says. Release

> DBL Pharmaceuticals says it has a deal to acquire the cream and ointment manufacturing line of GlaxoSmithKline Bangladesh with plans of reintroducing the products that GSK made there before exiting the country. Story

> Helixmith Co. and Genopis say they will launch a contract manufacturing operation to manufacture plasmid DNA for clients. Release

> Medivant Health is building a 33,000-square-foot generic drug manufacturing facility in Chandler, Arizona, to address drug shortages. Story

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