Lilly unloads trials-supply business to Fisher Clinical

Moving a step closer to its intended operating model, Eli Lilly is jettisoning its in-house clinical trial materials manufacturing, packaging and labeling operations at its technology center in Indianapolis. There for the uptake is Thermo Fisher's Fisher Clinical Services, a decades-long partner of the big pharma company. The new Lilly model highlights speed in the development of innovative medicines and fixed-cost reductions.

In addition to taking charge of clinical supply manufacturing, Fisher will handle the distribution of clinical trial materials for Lilly throughout North America. To do so, Fisher will buy existing manufacturing and packaging equipment.

The agreement provides another data point in the industry-wide trend to ramp up manufacturing and distribution capabilities for clinical trial supplies. Recently, DHL doubled the number of its clinical trial logistics depots, and New York contract manufacturer Norwich Pharmaceuticals invested in the infrastructure and equipment for pilot-scale formulation and the manufacture of clinical trial materials. And Velesco Pharmaceutical Services opened a facility to expand its trials supply-making capacity.

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