Late October marks recall-o-rama

In addition to the heparin and Lipitor recalls, October 2010 can be remembered for at least three more recalls announced in the last week of the month.

Sandoz is recalling two sizes of methotrexate injection vials because they may contain glass flakes. The flakes resulted from delamination of glass used to make the 50- and 250-mg vials of the drug. Sandoz recommends that patients stop using the affected product.

In Canada, GlaxoSmithKline ($GSK) is recalling one lot of Emo-Cort skin lotion because of mold contamination. It has also halted manufacturing while it investigates. Samples from one lot tested positive for mold. GSK is asking distributors and pharmacies to stop selling lotion from that lot.

And in Hong Kong, Synco is recalling a batch of the OTC laxative Bicolax tablets, 5 mg. The recall was initiated at the instruction of the Department of Health, because, according to a spokesman, "the quality of one lot may not be guaranteed." It asks consumers to stop using the product immediately.

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