Join us July 8 for a Twitter chat on #sustainedrelease

Drugmakers have been turning more often to sustained-release formulations for a variety of reasons. They can improve patient compliance because they require fewer doses, and in some cases extend the branded life of a popular drug. But companies that work in this arena know that it can be tricky technology with all sorts of complications if it doesn't work as needed, sometimes even regulatory. There are different ways to handle it and we are going to host a Twitter chat next week with BASF expert Thorsten Cech to talk about the technology. At Fierce, we have hosted a number of Twitter chats which are both informative and a way to let readers direct some of the conversation about topics that interest them. Join us Wednesday, July 8, at 11 a.m. EDT. You can follow @FiercePharma or by looking for #sustainedrelease. I will be posing some questions to Thorsten about the technology and he will also answer as many of the questions from you that time allows. Tune in, Twitterati. Here's some details and a link to get it on your calendar. -- Eric Palmer (email | Twitter)