Inspection delay yields ops duplication; Angel finds the right deal in England;

> Anika Therapeutics faces four months of operating duplicate facilities in Massachusetts, result of a delayed FDA inspection prior to equipment relocation. Anika release

> CMO Angel Biotechnology says it's close to finalizing a deal to expand its manufacturing base into England because it was unable to find the "right deal" in Scotland. Article

> Saudi Arabia's Shamla Pharmaceutical Industries, a partnership of three pharma companies has signed a deal to build a pharmaceutical factory at the Industrial Valley in King Abdullah Economic City. Story

> BioMarin Pharmaceutical is doubling its production capacity for both drug and trial-supply compounds. Article

> Drug sampling data gathered by Roger Bate at the American Enterprise Institute show that China is largely responsible for the fakes attributed to India. Story

> Baxter says short-term manufacturing delays have caused a shortage of premix nitroglycerin in dextrose. FDA drug shortage Listing