India's Wockhardt faces mass of lawsuits in U.S. over generic Reglan

Wockhardt's U.S. affiliate must face a mass of suits in a state court over its generic version of the acid reflux drug Reglan (metoclopramide), developed by Wyeth before the firm was bought by Pfizer ($PFE).

The court refused to hear an appeal by Morton Grove Pharmaceutical trying to block the suit filed in a Pennsylvania court. The Wockhardt unit and other generics makers face 2,300 product-liability suits claiming harm from one of the several generics of Reglan.

An appeals court ruled against Morton Grove earlier when the firm claimed that its label was in compliance with FDA warning requirements. The law firm handling the suit against the Wockhardt unit said it was still possible for Morton Grove to stiffen its warning of side effects, so it was still liable despite its compliance with the FDA warning requirement.

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