India reports change in fakes-distribution tactic

Racketeers have changed the game in India, delivering small quantities of counterfeit drugs to avoid seizure and conceal both source and supply route. The practice contrasts with more common bulk consignments, in which carriers pick up quantities from sites that make the fakes but entire shipments are vulnerable to seizure if detected.

The new method makes it difficult for investigators to find the source of supply, reports the Times of India. Those caught carrying the fakes know only the person who supplies them, rather than the actual source.

Police last week arrested one person and recovered 7,500 tablets of blood-pressure medication Listril and 60 units of hemorrhage drug Octride-100. Their packaging displays phony trademarks. Officials say the market value of the recovered medicines is about $1,600.

Cardiovascular treatments are among the most often counterfeit of drugs.

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