Inceptor Bio snaps up Arranta Bio manufacturing site as it preps to move preclinical cell therapies forward

Kite CAR-T manufacturing
Arranta is a microbiome CDMO, manufacturing therapies known as live biotherapeutic products. (Fierce Pharma)

Inceptor Bio acquired Arranta Bio’s process development and clinical manufacturing site in Florida as it pushes ahead with its preclinical cell therapies for cancer.

The agreement gives Inceptor a 29,000-square-foot plant in Gainesville as well as an unspecified number of a “core operating team” members, the companies said in a release. Financial terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.

Inceptor is working on several cell therapy platforms and is targeting difficult-to-treat cancers by focusing on mechanisms that support immune cell activity within the tumor microenvironment. The company has three cell therapies: a CAR-T using co-stimulatory technology, a CAR-M based on macrophages with enhanced phagocytic capabilities and a CAR-NK treatment.

“The acquisition accelerates Inceptor Bio’s path to clinic for out CAR-T, CAR-M and CAR-NK programs, with our lead CAR-T candidate scheduled for IND in early 2023,” Shailesh Maingi, CEO of Inceptor, said in the statement.

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Just over a year ago, Arranta expanded capacity at the Gainesville plant as part of a $100 million expansion effort that included a new manufacturing facility in Watertown, Massachusetts, that can handle late-stage clinical and commercial clients.

Arranta, which was formed in 2019, is a microbiome CDMO specializing in manufacturing therapies known as live biotherapeutic products that target the bacteria, fungi, viruses and more that live on or in the human body.