IDT Biologika opens vaccine manufacturing facility in Germany

IDT Biologika built this new vaccine manufacturing facility in 12 months as capacity at its current facilities was nearing zero. (IDT Biologika)

Having hived off its animal health vaccine manufacturing and R&D to France’s Ceva, IDT Biologika is focused entirely on human products. To propel that effort, it has opened a new vaccine manufacturing facility in Germany. 

IDT says the facility in Dessau-Rosslau, which opened this month, not only provides the CDMO with additional capacity but also gives it more flexibility. 

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“We are active in markets that not everyone can serve. This is only possible when we are able to react flexibly to those markets’ requirements," CEO Jürgen Betzing said in a statement. "This multifunctional production facility provides the basis for doing so,”

Among the projects that IDT has in hand is a 10-year contract it won last year from the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). The $80 million indefinite quantity, indefinite delivery contract requires that IDT stay on call during the contract period as NIAID hammers out the exact content and quantity of each individual project along the way. It also won a contract from global epidemic preparedness group CEPI to work on a vaccine against Middle East respiratory syndrome. 

IDT undertook the expansion project only a year ago as capacity at its current facilities was nearing zero. After completing it in record time, the company is already seeing significant demand for the capacity, IDT said.  

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“The fact that the building has a utilization rate of close to 50% right from the start underscores our customers’ high demand and the excellent growth perspectives coming with it,” Betzing said.  

IDT earlier this month sold its animal vaccine business to Ceva for an undisclosed amount. While the deal frees IDT to focus on human vaccine work, under the agreement IDT’s Dessau site will continue to manufacture for at least five years the vaccines it sold to Ceva. 

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