IDT Biologika and Oncotec Pharma Produktion Announce Vaccine and Oncology Capacity Expansion Projects

IDT Biologika and Oncotec Pharma Produktion Announce Vaccine and Oncology Capacity Expansion  Projects

Leveraging technology and manufacturing expertise in vaccines and cytostatic drugs, the companies invest in expansion projects within IDT's BioPharmaPark

Dessau-Roβlau, Germany (October 21, 2013) – IDT Biologika GmbH, a major developer of pharmaceutical technology and a producer of proprietary and third-party biopharmaceuticals and viral and bacterial vaccines, and Oncotec Pharma Produktion announced investments dedicated to increasing their respective production capacities. 

IDT will invest an additional €40 million in its vaccine and parenteral sterile fill-and-finish capacities in syringes, vials, lyophilization and packaging at its BioPharmaPark, located in Dessau-Roβlau. Among the upgrades are innovative serialization and anti-counterfeiting capabilities designed to enable the authentication of finished pharmaceuticals.

Most recently, in September, IDT started up its new production capacity dedicated to sterile parenteral drug products, including vaccines and biologics, having completed an expansion project announced in 2011. Capacity to manufacture vial-based products in liquid and lyophilized form will increase to 60 million units per year.

"Manufacturing biologics as well as sterile cytostatic oncology drugs with the highest standard of reliability and quality is among the most challenging tasks within the pharmaceutical industry," said Dr. Ralf Pfirmann, CEO of IDT Biologika. "These drugs are highly potent and require a very high level of care in manufacturing and storage. Both IDT and Oncotec have a proven track record of success in these classes of drugs, given our comprehensive experience in biologics (IDT) and cytostatic (Oncotec) medicines."

Oncotec Pharma Produktion expands oncology drug product manufacturing

Oncotec Pharma Produktion GmbH, a pharmaceutical manufacturing partner of aseptically produced cytostatic drug products, recently declared a €30 million investment to expand sterile parenteral oncology drug manufacturing capacity within IDT's BioPharmaPark. Manufacturing facilities and pharmaceutical site infrastructure will be enlarged over the next few years to accommodate rising demand and alleviate supply shortfalls. The expansion projects will begin immediately and are expected to be complete in 2016. 

"Our investment coupled with the enhanced manufacturing capabilities within BioPharmaPark will offer the marketplace access to the latest technologies and the highest GMP-quality production lines in the world," said Dr. Jan-Arne Gewert, Managing Director, Oncotec Pharma Produktion. "These investments will further elevate BioPharmaPark as a high-tech complex with unique technological capabilities."