Growth to fuel new life sciences facilities; Teva will appeal verdicts in propofol cases;

> The life sciences sector in North America is expected to see fourth-quarter growth, with about $2 billion being put toward new laboratories, manufacturing sites and facilities. Article

> Teva Pharmaceutical Industries ($TEVA) maintains--as it has in the first two related trials--that allegations against it in a third trial after a Nevada hepatitis-C outbreak resulting from reuse of single-use vials of propofol are "without merit" and it will appeal. Story

> Takeda Pharmaceutical President Yasuchika Hasegawa says that rather than targeting additional acquisitions, the company will focus on integrating its latest, Nycomed, in Switzerland. News

> CSL chief Brian McNamee is cautious about further development and manufacture of vaccines: "We might creep into vaccines for a narrow disease, but we are not into mass vaccinations." Report

> A new committee of the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council represents contract manufacturers and contract research organizations, a reflection of their expanded presence in the Bay State. Story (sub. req.)

> Given their poor condition, the newly relicensed Indian vaccine-making facilities BCG VL Chennai and Pasteur Institute of India, Coonoor, may be unproductive until 2012. Item

> PakSense has unveiled the XpressPDF temperature monitoring label, which tracks both time and temperature. Release

> Unlike the U.S., most countries sell generics as branded products at up to 80% of the original price. Piece

> The Beijing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has named Sinovac Biotech one of the four manufacturers of seasonal flu vaccine. Story