Former employees target Caraco; Disposables rise to systems level;

> Employees laid off by Caraco following the FDA's shutdown of a Detroit plant are suing the beleaguered generics maker for wrongful discharge, as well as age, race and national origin discrimination. Article

> Sartorius Stedim Biotech aims to attract both those using stainless steel equipment and those using individual disposable components to the systems level via FlexAct, its system for pre-configured, single-use solutions. Article

> Bausch & Lomb is breaking in a storage and retrieval system with 16,000 double deep locations, nine goods-to-picker systems comprising 27,000 storage locations, pick- and place-by-light technology, and 3 km of intelligent conveyors--all part of a logistics center upgrade in the Netherlands. Article

> The University of Arkansas has developed an electronic fingerprinting system to thwart RFID tag cloners. Article

And Finally... The Top 10 Layoffs of 2009. Report