Finally, track/trace action instead of talk

Wanted: pharma manufacturers to help get a track and trace prototype system off the ground.

That could be a sign planted on the lawn of Global Healthcare Exchange, a healthcare supply chain solutions provider. GHX is on its way to building such a prototype as phase 2 of its Track & Trace Project. Some version of the prototype may be in your future.

The company tells Pharmaceutical Commerce that the now complete phase 1 involved a requirements survey of pharma supply chain principals: manufacturers, distributors, and pharmacies. Findings include the gritty detail of master file data to be collected, data security and governance policies. GHX is currently working out the fundamentals of track-and-trace events, including order initiation, delivery receipt and payment, as well as the handling of snafus like missing data.

The phase 2 prototype will help uncover requirements for real-time data handling to validate the deliveries that comprise a pedigree. Transaction data security is another matter to be developed in phase 2, which is where GHX needs drugmaker participation.

It is hoped phase 2 will yield insights useful to regulators and policymakers, while also aiding the manufacturers and distributors now prepping for the California Board of Pharmacy's 2015 e-pedigree system deadline.

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