Feds, sheriff break fake Valium chain

The FDA, an Illinois county sheriff, the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol and the Post Office have collaborated to take down the middleman in a counterfeit drug operation. Amin Rupani, 40, was caught with his hand in the fakes package following its controlled delivery by the collaborators.

Customs officials and the FDA detained a package containing 20,000 fake valium pills. Then the sheriff's office got involved. Investigators worked with Post Office to outfit the Valium package with a monitoring device. The package was delivered to Rupani. By opening it he set off the device, cueing officers to move in and make the arrest.

Rupani said the package, and previous ones, came from a friend in Pakistan. Analysis showed the pills contain Valium's active ingredient, but were made illegally in China. Rupani had forwarded earlier packages to addresses in Texas and California.

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