EPA fines Maryland pharma manufacturer $35K for hazardous waste storage

EPA fines Maryland pharma manufacturer for hazardous waste.

The EPA fined Maryland pharmaceutical manufacturer Jubilant Cadista $35,000 for violating several federal regulations regarding the storage of hazardous waste without a permit at the plant.

In an agreement released by the regulatory agency, Jubilant Cadista Pharmaceuticals did not admit liability in an agreement with the EPA to pay the penalty for violating several federal Solid Waste Disposal Act or state hazardous waste program regulations, DelmarvaNow reported.

In the 16-page consent agreement, the Salisbury, Maryland, company was cited for five counts of violations following a March 2016 inspection.

The Jubilant Cadista plan manufactures generic pharmaceuticals in tablet or capsule form.

The agency said Jubilant “was storing one drum of hazardous waste on-site at the facility for a time period in excess of the 90-day storage limitation," One 55-gallon drum filled with lab solvent vial waste, a hazardous waste, was dated December 3, 2015, 25 days beyond the 90-day storage limitation, EPA said.

The agency also said the company failed to keep hazardous containers closed except as needed to add or remove waste.

Scott Butchley, a spokesman for Jubilant Cadista, told DelmarvaNow the firm paid the fine for administrative missteps, but added that the manufacturer is a good steward of the environment, and that "there was no dumping, soil or air contamination" at the facility.