DKSH expands availability of Tiger Balm in Myanmar.

DKSH expands availability of Tiger Balm in Myanmar.

DKSH, the leading Market Expansion Services provider with a focus on Asia, has been appointed by Haw Par Healthcare to drive sales growth of Tiger Balm, one of the world's leading brands for external pain relief, in Myanmar.

Yangon, July 9, 2015 ‐ DKSH Business Unit Consumer Goods and Healthcare, Asia's leading Market Expansion Services specialist for fast moving consumer goods and healthcare, will provide marketing, sales, distribution and logistics services for Tiger Balm's entire product portfolio in modern trade, general trade, pharmacies and hospital channels across Myanmar.

Tiger Balm is one of the world's leading brands for external pain relief. The product was originally created in the early 1900s in Yangon and marketed from Singapore since 1926 to other countries. Three years after Haw Par Healthcare started selling Tiger Balm in Myanmar again, DKSH has now been appointed to expand the product availability nationwide.

DKSH and Haw Par look back on a long, successful collaboration that spans Cambodia, Malaysia and Thailand. The extended partnership strengthens DKSH's market position in Myanmar and gradually contributes to the Group's profitability over time. DKSH, with its pan-Asian footprint, is well positioned to help not only Western clients, but also Asian clients looking to expand their Asian presence. Of DKSH's top clients, already 30% have Asian origins.

"We are optimistic about the economic outlook for Myanmar and therefore have appointed DKSH to help spearhead the further expansion of our marketing and sales activities as well as distribution network to better service local consumers," said Mr. A. K. Han, Executive Director of Haw Par Corporation.

"DKSH is committed to providing consumers in Myanmar access to the highest-quality products. We have more than 20 years of experience in Myanmar and a capillary distribution network of unique scope and depth. Combined with our advanced, dedicated and strategically located distribution center, we are able to give consumers in-time access to the iconic Tiger Balm products, even in the most remote parts of the large country," said Dr. Varun Sethi, General Manager, Business Unit Healthcare, DKSH Myanmar.


About Haw Par Healthcare

Haw Par Healthcare is the owner of the iconic Tiger Balm Brand. With a unique herbal formulation that has over 100 years of proven success in over 100 countries, Tiger Balm's world renowned ointment is one of the world's leading topical analgesics.

The history of Haw Par's Tiger Balm traced back to the 1870s when Aw Chu Kin, a young herbalist, left China to Yangon to set up his own physician practice and apothecary called Eng Aun Tong, or the Hall of Everlasting Peace. In 1908, Aw Chu Kin passed away and his two sons – Aw Boon Haw and Aw Boon Par – took over the running of Eng Aun Tong and later started producing and marketing Tiger Balm which was named after Aw Boon Haw (Haw meaning Tiger). In 1926, the Aw brothers took the business to Singapore and from there expanded further into South China, Siam (Thailand), Malaya, and Batavia (Indonesia).

Haw Par Healthcare Limited is headquartered in Singapore. It manufactures markets and distributes Tiger Balm products throughout the world. The company places strong emphasis on quality and product safety. The Tiger Balm range of products is manufactured by facilities that are GMP-certified (Good Manufacturing Practice) where stringent quality controls are carried out at every stage of the manufacturing process. Product approvals for Tiger Balm from regulatory authorities in countries such as Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States attest further assurance of Tiger Balm's product quality and acceptance.

Haw Par Healthcare is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Haw Par Corporation Limited which has been listed on the Singapore Exchange since

About DKSH Myanmar

DKSH Myanmar is the leading provider of Market Expansion Services in Myanmar. Operating in Myanmar since 1995, we provide clients and customers integrated and tailor-made services along the entire value chain, offering any combination of sourcing, marketing, sales, distribution, and after-sales support services.

With over 1,700 specialists, DKSH Myanmar provides business partners with a wide range of knowledge and experience, combined with deep industry expertise in the specialized Business Units of Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Performance Materials and Technology. The company has strong linkage throughout the country from the head office in Yangon to branches in Mandalay, Myitkyinar, Taungyi, and Mawlamyaing. We serve more than 28,300 customers in the country.

Our organizational structure is built on all four Business Units: Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Performance Materials and Technology.

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