Distributor plans to excise supply chain links

Too many parties stand between drug manufacturers and patients, increasing costs while adding no value, said Cynthia LaConte, CEO at Dohmen. And she's doing something about it, one acquisition at a time.

Dohmen, which operates units that provide services to both pharma companies and payers, has acquired Centric Health Resources. Centric is a hybrid of a direct-distribution company and a specialty pharmacy, serving orphan drug markets with distribution and patient services, according to Pharmaceutical Commerce magazine.

LaConte is attempting to remove some of the supply chain links between drug innovator and patient, the two constituents having the most natural alignment of interests and who will benefit from more direct relationships, she says.

"The traditional pharmaceutical supply model is broken," she said in the story. She attributes the problems to "inherent inefficiencies" of the healthcare supply system.

Centric is Dohmen's third recent acquisition following payer-analytics company PlanIT and medical communications company MedComm Solutions.

The acquisitions are building blocks that address her belief that "the supply chain needs to compress in response to more targeted therapies with smaller patient populations," she said in the story. Dohmen provides services to biopharma companies on a fee-for-service basis instead of earning revenue on the sale of drugs.

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