Disposables maker PBS takes run at Pall, Sartorius

Single-use technology provider PBS Biotech has acquired Integrity CMI, a manufacturing company that designs, tests and packages medical device and biotech products. PBS says it will integrate CMI into ongoing operations, picking up certified Class 10,000 cleanroom operations as well as non-cleanroom assembly and testing facilities as part of the deal.

The ops capabilities will boost PBS's capacity for manufacturing disposable vessels, bags and related single-use bioreactor parts. The companies, located a few miles apart in Camarillo, CA, will reconfigure equipment and personnel to build out the manufacturing facilities, according to an announcement. Production focus will be PBS disposable vessels and bags.

The PBS/CMI combo faces some big guns in the disposables business--Pall Life Sciences ($PLL) and Sartorius Stedim Biotech chief among them. Pall unveiled the Allegro 200L single-use mixer to its disposables line in June. The mixer supports work from pilot scale to full production.

Meanwhile, Sartorius Stedim has released the Clipster aseptic disconnector, a single-use device for silicone tubing in biopharma processes.

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