DHL, BT team for RFID-secure supply chain

Communications giant BT will work with logistics provider DHL on sustainable logistics solutions and services that provide end-to-end supply chain visibility. BT will support the DHL's Solutions & Innovations R&D unit.

At the top of the list is radio frequency identification technology. The partners plan to develop RFID solutions for pharma supply chain security and for green and sustainable logistics. DHL will open up its innovation center to BT to develop, test and showcase solutions.

Another priority of the collaboration is solutions for emerging Asia-Pacific markets, an area in which BT is investing funds for infrastructure and supply chain enhancements. This latter priority is being fueled by an earlier deal through which BT is providing communications services to the logistics provider.

DHL has been dealing lately. In April, it teamed with CryoPort, a maker of frozen-product shipping containers. CryoPort linked its order-entry and tracking system with DHL's ordering and billing systems. This arrangement allowed drugmakers to ship orders from CryoPort and receive preferred DHL shipping rates. The carrier also agreed to buy Bristol-Myers Squibb distribution centers as part of a deal through which it took over U.S. distribution for the drug giant.

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