Cyclone shuts Shasun Pharma plant; Tracking device in van foils drug heist;

> The cyclone Thane has forced a temporary suspension of operations at India's Shasun Pharmaceuticals plant in Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, among the areas hardest hit by the storm. Story

> Two armed hijackers gave up an unharmed driver and his tracking-device-equipped medicine delivery van; police found additional stolen drugs in abandoned houses. News

> Contract development and manufacturing service provider AAIPharma has acquired Celsis Analytical Services, which provides material testing services. Release

> Police seized thousands of doses of counterfeit prescription medications from stores throughout Fairfax County, VA, in December. Article

> Supply chain consortium Rx-360 reports a shortage of thickening agent Guar gum and advises users to check supplier status, monitor supply chains and fully test new shipments. Alert

> The year 2011 closed with 267 drug shortages--about 4 times higher than the last spike--and 56 more newly reported cases than in 2010, says the still-concerned University of Utah Drug Information Service. Story

> Pfizer ($PFE) manufacturing operation in Kalamazoo County, MI, earned renewal of its MVPP Star Award, the state's highest workplace safety and health award. Item

> Steve Roese, a quality ops vet of Wyeth (now Pfizer), has been named VP for global quality assurance at clinical drug storage and distribution service provider Marken. Release