Colorcon, Inc. Acquires Paulaur Corporation's Pharmaceutical Sugar Spheres Business

Colorcon, Inc. Acquires Paulaur Corporation's Pharmaceutical Sugar Spheres Business

HARLEYSVILLE, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Colorcon, Inc. today announces the acquisition of the Pharmaceutical Sugar Spheres product line from Paulaur Corporation, a manufacturer of specialty sugar-based ingredients located in Cranbury, New Jersey.

The addition of the Paulaur products complements Colorcon's Suglets® Sugar Spheres product line and enhances Colorcon's position as a leading global supplier of sugar spheres for the development of multiparticulate dosages. The agreement is specific to Paulaur sugar spheres sold into the pharmaceutical and nutritional segments globally.

Colorcon provides speciality excipients for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications worldwide, and has identified strong synergies between the multiparticulate and film coating businesses. Colorcon is well-positioned to serve pharmaceutical and nutraceutical spheres customers thanks to its range of immediate, delayed and extended release coatings and previous investment in the multiparticulate business.

Pankaj Rege, General Manager for Colorcon Manufactured Products explains, "There is strong demand in the industry for a supplier who offers high quality product, application and formulation support with a multi-facility business continuity plan. This acquisition complements Colorcon's existing investment in its people, capabilities, and organization, which have consistently delivered superior products and services to Colorcon's pharmaceutical and dietary supplement customers."

Mitchell Stefaniak, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Paulaur Corporation, commented that "Paulaur had made the decision to leave the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical spheres arena in order to concentrate on our fast-growing food and confectionary business. At the same time, we wanted to insure that our pharmaceutical and nutraceutical spheres customers could be assured of a continued availability of quality product. The sale to Colorcon provides our customers with just such a supplier."

Martti Hedman, Colorcon's Chief Executive Officer states "Paulaur's pharmaceutical sugar spheres business is an exciting strategic acquisition for Colorcon. This announcement comes at the end of another strong year for us, with growth across all business areas. Colorcon views this agreement as an opportunity to expand Colorcon's sugar spheres business and leverage our global distribution, technical service, and sales infrastructure."

Colorcon provides a full range of products and services for solid oral dosage formulations and continues to see growth in multiparticulate dosages forms, especially for geriatric and pediatric populations. Due to this agreement, Colorcon and Paulaur customers stand to benefit with direct access to products, technical service and support from Colorcon.

Company Information

Colorcon is a world leader in the development, supply and technical support of specialty excipients: formulated film coating systems, modified release technologies, and functional excipients for the pharmaceutical industry. Our best-in-class products and technologies are complemented by our extensive application data and value-added services to support all phases of solid oral dose design, development and manufacture. Our focus on market issues and technology development has earned Colorcon an international reputation as a pharmaceutical supplier of choice. That reputation is based on superior product quality, unparalleled technical support, extensive regulatory assistance and reliable supply from multiple locations. Colorcon has 9 manufacturing facilities, 19 technical service laboratories globally and more than 1200 employees exclusively dedicated to its customer base.

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