BMS streamlines data matrix coding

Bristol-Myers Squibb has tapped auto-ID solutions provider Zetes for data matrix coding at a production facility in Agen, France. BMS now has 25 coding machines integrated into existing packaging lines. French regulations require a data matrix code on every pharmaceutical product distributed.

Depending on the packaging line, the systems combine data matrix marking, labeling, tamper-evident sealing and quality control. Cameras check each box; those having inferior code renderings are removed via ejection module.

System capacity is 400 containers coded per minute per packaging line at the facility, which processes 400 million boxes of effervescent products each year.

Separately, Zetes has bolstered its radio frequency identification (RFID) arsenal by acquiring Belgian company RFIDEA. The specialty solutions provider maintains a pharma orientation and counts Baxter and GSK among its clients.

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