Blacksmith recalls drugs made at Tylenol plant

Tylenol's manufacturing lapses have infected another drugmaker. Blacksmith Brands is voluntarily recalling children's cough and cold remedies that were manufactured on its behalf by Johnson & Johnson's McNeil division at the ill-fated Fort Washington, PA, plant. The currently shut down facility and its operations are at the heart of a congressional investigation probing both the giant drugmaker and the FDA for their roles in the Children's Tylenol recall.

Blacksmith says in a statement that the recall is a "precautionary step" made in consultation with the FDA.

It appears as if McNeil has lost the Blacksmith business. The Tarrytown, NY, manufacturer says in an announcement that it will make the drugs at "new manufacturing plants." It expects to resume shipments of the recalled products next month, once the new plants are producing.

The recall encompasses four of the company's drugs from all stops in their supply chain. Blacksmith asks retail and wholesale customers to withdraw the products from their shelves and warehouses and return them; consumers are advised to discontinue use.

- see the Blacksmith statement