Bacteria prompts nasal spray recall

A contaminated batch of raw material has led to the recall of 120,000 bottles Vicks Sinex nasal spray. The recall is precautionary, says maker Procter & Gamble, and is based on the detection of B. cepacia bacteria in a product sample from a manufacturing plant in Germany.

The bacteria resists antibiotics, according to a report in In 2004, the same bacteria contaminated Propharma's Major Twice-A-Day nasal spray, also leading to a recall.

P&G quality control inspectors found the problem during a routine product check and set the consumer safety wheels in motion. Analysis to date shows the contamination limited to the one batch. The company says it detected the contamination in product from a lot sold in the United States. It is testing the U.K. and German lots produced from the same batch of raw material mixture.

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