Opens 1600L/1000L reactor stream at Oxford, UK and increases API capacity at Verona, Italy

Greenwich, CT, April 2, 2015 - Dr. Jonathan Goldman, CEO, Aptuit LLC, announced that Aptuit has increased its global capacity for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Manufacture due to increased demand for API, and for its integrated and comprehensive candidate-to-IND development solution.

Dr. Goldman stated, "Customer demand for our high quality, integrated, fully inclusive candidate-to-IND solutions has increased over 300% on an annual basis. As part of our strategy of investing in our infrastructure, we therefore have opened a 1600L/1000L reactor stream at our internationally renowned API facility in Oxford, UK and increased throughput at our 400L reactors at our world-class, fully integrated, former large Pharma R&D center of excellence in Verona, Italy.

Dr. Goldman explained that Aptuit's strategy will allow increased throughput of integrated development programs, as well as deliver standalone API at 40-120 kg batch scale for early to mid-stage clinical trials. "There is a gap in the market for high quality API at this scale, and Aptuit is delighted to serve this need."

"As recognized by our recent 2015 Life Science Leader CMO Leadership Award for Quality, our company differentiates in API by quality, best-in-class science, and delivery of complex chemistry solutions. Our ability to combine this with drug product and analytical services results in unique integrated offerings in both CMC and complete IND enabling solutions. The innovative approach has created strong demand amongst customers, and stimulated our plan to re-invest to increase our capacity in API.

Dr. Goldman concluded, "Our mission is to help discover and develop new medicines with outstanding quality and world class scientific problem solving. Aptuit is committed to being the best-in-class provider of fully integrated drug discovery and development services, supported by a culture of scientific excellence and innovation."

Aptuit LLC provides the most complete set of integrated early discovery to mid-phase drug development services in the pharmaceutical industry including Drug Design & Discovery, API Development and Manufacture, Solid State Chemistry, CMC, Preclinical and IND enabling GLP/GMP programs. Fully integrated drug discovery & development services are available from a single site at The Aptuit Center for Drug Discovery & Development center in Verona, Italy. The company maintains resources around the world, with facilities in the US, UK and Italy. Aptuit LLC is partnered with Welsh, Carson, and Anderson & Stowe, one of the world's leading private equity investors.