Almac lays out $34M for expansions, adding 312 jobs

Almac Global Headquarters in Craigavon

CDMO Almac is spending $34 million on expansion projects across its operations, some of which will add to manufacturing capacity, with plans to add 312 jobs at its U.S. headquarters in the process.

The Northern Ireland-based company will spend about $2.5 million (£2 million) to upgrade facilities at the Arran Chemical Company facility in Athlone, Ireland that it bought last year. That investment will also add to distillation and drying capabilities, the company said in an announcement.

On the business side, the company is spending $25 million (£20 million) to expand its 240,000-square-foot offices at its U.S. headquarters in Souderton, Pennsylvania, and to lease a 26,000-square-foot office space in nearby Lansdale, Almac said.


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The company is getting about $1.6 million from the state for that expansion, which will include an expanded cold storage area as well as computers and software. That will lead to the creation of 312 jobs.

Almac will spend another $6.3 million (£5 million) to build an additional laboratory and office facility at its global headquarters in Craigavon, Northern Ireland. The company said about 170 existing employees will move to the new facility, including chemists and analysts involved in supporting drug research, development and manufacturing.

This comes only weeks after the company said it would spend $5.2 million to add to its clinical services operations in Durham, North Carolina, with plans to add nearly 80 jobs there.

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