Amid shortage, Accord Healthcare restarts production of cancer drug cisplatin

Accord Healthcare has restarted its production of the cancer drug cisplatin, which has been in short supply in the U.S.

The resumption of cisplatin manufacturing by the Durham, North Carolina-based generics maker was noted on the FDA's website Monday.

The chemotherapy drug is administered alone or in combination with other drugs for the treatment of bladder, testicular and ovarian cancers.

In September, the White House touted government efforts to resolve a nationwide shortage of cancer drugs. The efforts, the Biden administration said, brought the U.S. supply of the chemotherapy cisplatin to nearly 100% of pre-shortage levels.

As part of its push to alleviate shortages, the FDA has worked closely with manufacturers to boost production capacity.

Under the plan, the agency gave the green light for cisplatin to be imported to the U.S. from Chinese manufacturer Qilu Pharmaceutical. The FDA also allowed India’s Intas Pharmaceuticals to resume shipping cisplatin, carboplatin and 14 other injectables to the U.S. 

Accord, for its part, is the U.S. unit of Intas.

Citing “economic reasons,” several generic cancer drug makers previously stopped making the cancer drug. In the last year, manufacturing site closures have cut the U.S. supply of cisplatin, carboplatin and methotrexate nearly in half.