Pharma chief casts doubt on Roche interest in Alexion

For weeks, Wall Street sources have been pumping up the idea that Roche ($RHHBY) was about to announce a deal to buy specialty drugmaker Alexion ($ALXN). Sources had the Swiss drugmaker talking with financial advisers to figure out the complexities of paying $22 billion for the maker of rare disease drug Soliris. Today Roche pharma chief Daniel O'Day threw cold water on the speculation. As FierceBiotech reports, he told Reuters' Ben Hirschler that ultra-rare diseases just don't fit its business model. He said Roche's business is based on personalized healthcare and defining the patients most at risk and finding therapies. "But I think ultra-rare diseases with very, very small patient populations, high prices and different regulatory channels is a complementary but different business than we are in at Roche today." That doesn't exactly mean Roche isn't interested in Alexion. As sources will say, you never know. Story | More