PeptiDream Announces Peptide Discovery Collaboration Agreement with Shionogi

PeptiDream Announces Peptide Discovery Collaboration Agreement with Shionogi TOKYO, JAPAN – February 5th, 2016 – PeptiDream Inc., a public Tokyo-based biopharmaceutical company ("PeptiDream")(Tokyo:4587) announced today that it has entered into a multi-target discovery and optimization collaboration with Osaka-based Shionogi & Co., Ltd ("Shionogi")(Tokyo:4507). PeptiDream will use its proprietary Peptide Discovery Platform System (PDPS) technology to identify macrocyclic/constrained peptides against multiple targets of interest selected by Shionogi, and to optimize hit peptides into therapeutic peptides or small molecule products. Shionogi will have the right to develop and commercialize all molecules resulting from the collaboration. Under the terms of the agreement, PeptiDream will receive an undisclosed upfront payment, research funding and is eligible for payments associated with the achievement of certain preclinical and clinical development milestones. In addition, PeptiDream is eligible to receive royalties on sales of any products that arise from the collaboration. In the past six years, PeptiDream has established funded discovery collaborations with 14 of the leading pharmaceutical companies; Amgen, AstraZeneca, Bristol-Myers-Squibb, Eli Lilly, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Mitsubishi Tanabe, Daiichi Sankyo, Merck, Sanofi, Teijin, Kyorin, Ipsen, and Genentech, all of which are active and ongoing. In addition, PeptiDream has transferred its PDPS discovery platform for broad use to Bristol-Myers-Squibb and Novartis. [Comment from Kiichi Kubota, CEO and President of PeptiDream Inc] "We look forward to collaborating with Shionogi to use our PDPS technology to rapidly identify functional peptide candidates against Shionogi targets, and turn those candidates into either peptide or small molecule therapeutics. Over the past year PeptiDream has greatly expanded our ability to turn PDPS-identified peptide candidates into peptide therapeutics or into small molecule drugs, efforts that have attracted much interest from current partners and non-partners alike, and serve to expand PeptiDream's drug discovery ability beyond solely that of peptides therapeutics. This deal with Shionogi serves as further validation of PeptiDream's expanded drug discovery abilities." February 5, 2016 PeptiDream Inc h t t p : / / w w w . p e p t i d ream . c om / (Ticker Code:4587 TSE First Section) PeptiDream Inc. is a public (Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section 4587) biopharmaceutical company founded in 2006 employing our proprietary Peptide Discovery Platform System(PDPS), a state-of-the-art highly versatile peptide generation and selection platform which enables the production of highly diverse (trillions) nonstandard peptide libraries with high efficiency, for the discovery and development of best-in-class and first-in-class peptide-based therapeutics. PeptiDream aspires to be a world leader in the discovery and development of novel highly functional peptide therapeutics to address unmet medical needs and improve the quality of life of patients worldwide. For further information please visit Enquiries: PeptiDream Inc. Patrick C Reid +81-3-3468-9022 (Tokyo) EMAIL: [email protected]