China's ZAI Lab in oncology license deal for HM61713 with South Korea's Hanmi

Shanghai-based ZAI Lab has in-licensed China rights for HM61713, a tumor-targeting EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitor from South Korea's Hanmi, which has racked up an impressive string of license deals this year. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, according to a press release. Earlier this month, Hanmi licensed long-acting GLP/GCG analog diabetes and obesity candidate HM12525A to Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ) unit Janssen Pharmaceuticals for an upfront payment of $105 million and as much as $810 million in development, regulatory and sales milestones, plus tiered double-digit royalty payments on product sales. Earlier this year, the candidate licensed to ZAI Lab was licensed to privately held German company Boehringer Ingelheim in a potential $730 million deal for rights outside of South Korea and China. Release