China's Yabao Pharmaceutical adds to a summer string of tie-ups

China's Yabao Pharmaceutical has added to a string of tie-ups in the past three months by in-licensing Greater China rights to K13 from Canada's Primary Peptides aimed as a stroke treatment. Last month, Yabao inked a pact with the University of South Australia on oncology treatment development that will identify candidates in a co-funded laboratory led by Professor Shudong Wang. The agreement includes funding from Yabao Pharmaceutical, which will gain exclusive rights to develop and commercialize any drug candidates in China. The University of South Australia retains rights in all other markets. In July, Yabao started preclinical work on a candidate based on annexin A5 for the treatment of sepsis that was in-licensed for Greater China rights in 2014 from Canada's Lawson Health Research Institute. Release