China's BGI and Huawei partner on Big Data genomic system storage

High-profile China genomic sequencing company BGI and telecom network manufacturer and services company Huawei Technology plan a massive data-storage system for genomic research to achieve "an over 30% improvement in the overall efficiency of genome sequencing research tasks," according to a press release. The data will be used in applied genetic research. "As a typical Big Data application, genetic research covers everything from genome sequencing of biological samples to identification, prevention, and treatment of hereditary diseases," BGI CEO Yang Shuang said in the release. "Without first-class storage systems, it would take a tremendous amount of time to process the extremely large data sets generated on a daily basis. Through joint efforts with Huawei in Big Data and cloud computing, we are able to quickly produce results from genetic research and expand the application of genetic technologies." Last year, Huawei and Imperial College London announced a healthcare data pact. Release