Credit Suisse says Pfizer patent win will discourage 'at-risk' launches

Will Pfizer's ($PFE) big patent win against Teva Pharmaceutical Industries ($TEVA) and India's Sun Pharma on Protonix discourage more "at-risk" drug launches of generics in the U.S.? Credit Suisse thinks the $2.15 billion award could make those two and other drugmakers think twice about an at-risk launch when a patent has not expired and litigation has yet to determine its validity, BusinessToday reports. That would be a good thing for drug developers who have to fight patent challenges and lose big-time--even if they win--because of lost sales during the interim. The $2.15 billion settlement is the result of a legal battle waged by Pfizer ($PFE) and Nycomed, now part of Takeda, against Teva and Sun. Teva is paying about $1.6 billion of it and Sun will cover $550 million. Story | More