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Animal biotech drug labels are about to get more detailed

The USDA plans to hold manufacturers of veterinary biotech drugs to new, strict standards on labeling. Although companies will have between four and six years to comply, the changes will ultimately help clarify treatment risks and benefits for veterinarians, pet owners and food producers.

USDA releases response plan for emerging animal diseases

The USDA has had its hands full in recent years dealing with outbreaks of new diseases that threaten the health of food animals and, by extension, the bottom lines of farmers and food producers. So it’s no wonder the agency is fine-tuning its response to emerging animal diseases--and seeking the public’s input on its plan.

Canadian team creates PEDv vaccine candidate

​​​​​​​Scientists in Canada have developed a prototype vaccine that may become a new tool in the ongoing battle against porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv), a devastating disease that has killed millions of pigs and led to hundreds of millions of dollars in lost income since 2013.

Elanco debuts immune-boosting cow drug at USDA confab

Last June, Eli Lilly's Elanco animal health unit was among 150 companies that presented formal plans to reduce the use of antibiotics in food animals. Widespread use of antibiotics that are also used in human healthcare--often for non-medical purposes, such as promoting growth of food animals--is thought to have given rise to so-called "superbugs" in people that are difficult to treat.

Deadly pig virus likely carried into U.S. from China

The USDA believes it has found the source of the porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv) that spread rapidly through farms in the U.S. in 2013, ultimately killing 8 million piglets and sapping the nation's hog supply by 10%. The virus was nearly identical in DNA to a similar illness in China and was likely carried into the United States via tote bags used in international trade, the agency said Wednesday.