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One Health front-and-center at UN and BIO confabs

The concept of One Health collaborations between animal- and human-health experts was prominent at the United Nations’ first-ever General Assembly meeting on combating antimicrobial resistance, as well as the Biotechnology Innovation Organization's conference on animal biotech.

Norwegian scientists ID strategy for stopping MRSA transmission in pigs

In Norway, where transmissible disease livestock-associated MRSA (LA-MRSA) emerged in 2013, animal health officials have implemented a “search and destroy” strategy, monitoring every animal closely to prevent the disease from spreading through herds. Now that strategy is bringing to light an unexpected source of transmission--and it’s not the pigs that are to blame, but rather the people who care for them.

Contagious cancers in animals spark new research

Although contagious cancers aren’t a huge concern in human health, they have been devastating to some animal species, including most recently Tasmanian devils and California sea lions. Now scientists are launching studies that they hope will shed light on how these cancers form and spread.

USDA sets up One Health web portal

​With the One Health effort having gained steam worldwide, the USDA is taking the next step in getting stakeholders on the same page. The agency is launching a web portal intended to bring together all of its information on antimicrobial resistance, avian flu and swine flu, plus other resources.