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4. Levemir

Levemir has long lived in the shadow of Sanofi’s megablockbuster Lantus, but it has chugged along, putting up blockbuster sales year after year for Novo Nordisk, with $2.54 billion last year worldwide, $1.82 billion of that in the U.S.

Top 10 diabetes drugs by 2016 sales

Formulary exclusions, pricing, biosimilars and cardiovascular outcomes data have impacted the U.S. diabetes space. We’ve compiled last year’s U.S. sales rankings for you, along with some insight into what to expect for each of the top meds going forward.

Medicare adds to the squeeze on Novo, Sanofi insulins

Just over a year ago, Sanofi and Novo Nordisk were touting their new basal insulins as fuel for their diabetes growth engines. But several payers have clamped down on those new meds--Toujeo and Tresiba, respectively--and now, Medicare Part D plans are adding to the pressure.