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9. John Lechleiter

When John Lechleiter retired as Eli Lilly CEO at the end of last year, the company was reeling from several challenges, but that doesn't stop him from collecting a total of $18.4 million in compensation last year.
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The top 15 highest-paid biopharma executives

Some of the executive pay rankings are predictable, like Johnson & Johnson's CEO, regardless who's in the job. What's not guaranteed is that the chairman of a generics maker in hot water with the U.S. government and American parents—Mylan's Robert Coury—would step off the company’s employee roster and into the nonexecutive chairman’s job and reap a $97 million package with the move.

Lilly CEO Lechleiter nabs $16.6M in 2015 pay

Eli Lilly CEOJohn Lechleiterhas suffered some tough years this decade, as top sellers such asZyprexawent off patent and a series of R&D setbacks put a crimp in the company's plans to fill those gaps. But 2015 turned out better than expected--and it shows in Lechleiter's pay.