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2017’s Fiercest Women in Life Sciences

It feels as though we say this every year, but it bears repeating: From CEOs and COOs to division chiefs and venture capital partners, women are taking the lead and making an impact all over the life sciences industry.

Sarah Boyce—Ionis

All of Boyce’s commercial experience—and Big Phama experience, too—was set aside at Ionis, a small biotech company where she currently serves as chief business officer. Boyce dove head first into tasks she’d never done, such as handling corporate communications and managing the biotech’s alliances.

10. Spinraza

Biogen and Ionis nabbed an earlier-than-expected approval for Spinraza last month and quickly tagged their first-ever med for spinal muscular atrophy with a $750,000 price for an initial year's therapy and $375,000 per year after that. Amid today's tough scrutiny on drug prices, the announcement attracted plenty of attention. And that fact puts Spinraza off to an unaccustomed start.