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VetStem submits trial data to FDA for canine stem cell therapy

VetStem Biopharma has treated more than 12,000 companion animals with stem cells removed from their own bodies and then reinjected to treat a variety of joint disorders, including osteoarthritis. Although the company has built its business around such “autologous” treatments, its executives have long believed that the real market opportunity lies in “allogeneic,” or off-the-shelf, stem cells.
Dog with arthritis

One new product on the market, two to go for Aratana

Aratana Therapeutics reached a major milestone on October 5 with its injectable pain reliever Nocita--one of three drugs it won FDA approval for this year--now on the market. But investors are expecting major revenue contributions from the other two products.

Aratana scores third FDA approval of the year

Shares of Aratana Therapeutics rose more than 3% to $9.75 in after-hours trading on August 15, when the company announced that the FDA approved Nocita (bupivacaine), its long-acting injectable drug to relieve pain in dogs after ligament surgery.

Aratana nearing goal of third FDA approval this year

Hoping to continue its regulatory good fortune, Aratana has completed an FDA submission for its post-surgical pain drug for dogs. If approved, the therapy would be Aratana’s third to be endorsed this year by the agency following recent nods for Entyce and Galliprant.