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Ambitious Aralez adds AZ’s Toprol to its CV stable

Aralez hasn't wasted time on its rebirth as a cardiovascular specialty pharma. A $175 million-plus agreement to buy AstraZeneca's Toprol XL franchise came hard on the heels of a deal for Merck & Co.'s clot-busting Zontivity--and the launch of its long-awaited aspirin combo pill Yosprala.

Aralez steps up to buy Merck's abandoned clot-fighter Zontivity

Merck & Co. never got its clot-fighting drug Zontivity off the ground, and last month, the company decided to stop promoting it in the U.S. altogether. But there's hope for Zontivity yet, now that specialty pharma Aralez has decided to pay $25 million for the privilege of picking up the baton.