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UN names animal health as top priority for sustainable agriculture

The United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development lays out a host of priorities including “food security and nutrition,” an ambitious plan to eliminate hunger and malnutrition. Now, the organization is defining the role of the world’s livestock caretakers in meeting that goal--naming animal health as a key part of its strategy.

Is China setting a new standard for antibiotics-free pig farming?

Shen Jian-Ping’s 465 pigs live in roomy, temperature-controlled pens, where they eat feed enriched with nutrients and drink piped-in purified water that’s treated to remove pathogens. And Shen’s pigs aren’t fed antibiotics to either prevent disease or promote growth. Farming approaches like this could catch on around the world.

UN General Assembly to tackle antibiotic resistance

The United Nations' General Assembly rarely addresses health challenges, but on September 21 the international gathering will take on an issue that has become a global challenge for both animal and human health professionals: antibiotic resistance.

Zomedica reels in $4M for pet drug development

​​​​​​​Michigan-based Zomedica, a relatively new company focused on developing pet meds and complementary products, this week reeled in C$5 million ($4 million) as the first part of a share placement offering.