AstraZeneca sends James Van Der Beek 'camping' to promote FluMist Quadrivalent

Still shot from AstraZeneca's "Just the Flu Facts" video starring James Van Der Beek--Courtesy of AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca ($AZN) wouldn't mind repeating a FluMist Quadrivalent performance that last year helped swell its fourth-quarter flu vaccine haul by 56%. To get the word out on the needle-free vaccine, it's brought on James Van Der Beek--of "Dawson's Creek" fame--to participate in its "Insist on the Mist" campaign. Van Der Beek confronts flu vaccine myths in a video titled "Just the Flu Facts," which features a camping trip with his daughter in their living room. One of the common misconceptions he debunks while roasting marshmallows over a light bulb and propping up a less-than-sturdy tent? That traditional shots are the only way patients can protect themselves. More