Fierce 50 spotlight: Breakthroughs category chair Eric Sagonowsky

The Breakthroughs category of the Fierce 50 features those who have made groundbreaking discoveries that have significantly advanced medical science and transformed patient care.  

In this category, which is one of five that are shaping the Fierce 50, we’ll recognize organizations, clinicians, researchers and others whose work has pushed the boundaries of knowledge and improved the lives of countless individuals.  

Taking the helm of the Breakthroughs category is Eric Sagonowsky, the senior editor of Fierce Pharma. From regulatory approvals and manufacturing to patent battles and mergers and acquisitions, Eric is dedicated to following drug development through its entire life cycle. 

In this video, I interview Eric, who shares why the Breakthroughs category is special and gives his perspective on what it means to be fierce.  

- Ayla Ellison

Editor-in-Chief, Fierce Life Sciences and Healthcare 

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