Pfizer recalls three lots of top seller Lyrica after production issues

Pfizer ($PFE) has had its hands full trying to protect its top-selling drug, pain and epilepsy med Lyrica, from generic competition in the U.K. Now it has a new distraction from the med, a recall in the U.S.

According to a post from Pain News Network, Pfizer recently issued a "Dear Customer" letter for three lots of Lyrica. According to the drugmaker's letter, they were voluntarily recalled after some of the capsules were found to be damaged or deformed. The drugmaker told customers there was little chance that use of those capsules would cause any kind of health risk and that the FDA had been informed of the recall.

A U.K. court allowed generic competition for Lyrica there last year, denying the New York drugmaker's contention that a secondary patent protected the drug until 2017. The judge also scolded Pfizer for threatening doctors and pharmacists with legal action if they sold the copies. Pfizer said it would appeal. While figures for 2015 are not yet in, the drug was Pfizer's top seller in 2014, with about $5.2 billion in sales.

Pfizer has had several recalls recently. In November, it voluntarily recalled more than 21,000 bottles of anxiety drug Xanax because they might be subpotent, in just the most recent recall for the drugmaker. Earlier this month, Hospira, which Pfizer bought last year for $15 billion, recalled one lot of magnesium sulfate in water for injection following a report of an incorrect barcode on the primary bag labeling.

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