India postpones deadline for track-and-trace barcodes on packages

India may be closer to implementing a track and trace system for drug distribution than the U.S. It has again pushed back a deadline for drugmakers to put barcode identifiers on individual drug packages, but it does have plans in place. According to, it has pushed to July 1, 2014, its deadline for compliance with the system which is intended to help fight counterfeit drugs. The publication said the barcodes are expected to include a unique product identifier, batch number, expiry date and serial number. The government is also putting together a program that would be used to track the drugs. In the U.S., a system has yet to be approved. Plans for legislation last year got killed in last-minute negotiations over the FDA reauthorization bill. The industry last week indicated a readiness to again discuss a program that can be built upon over the years. Story | More