TheraCoat's New Hydrogel-based Drug Delivery System Promises to Optimize Treatment for Bladder Diseases

TheraCoat's New Hydrogel-based Drug Delivery System Promises to Optimize Treatment for Bladder Diseases

TheraCoat has developed a new proprietary drug delivery system for local treatment of bladder diseases, focusing currently on bladder cancer and overactive bladder. The novel hydrogel-based system enables controlled and longer exposure of bladder tissue to therapeutic agents as compared to standard intravesical instillations.
Current intravesical drug instillations are hardly efficient. Once a drug is delivered into the bladder, it is quickly diluted and excreted due to continuous urine creation and voiding. TheraCoat's novel drug delivery system effectively overcomes these drawbacks. TheraCoat's ICDR family of hydrogels features unique thermo-sensitive properties which enable it to convert from a liquid state when cold, into a gel at body temperature. In its liquid state, the hydrogel is mixed with a designated medication for the specific treatment prior to its application into the bladder and thus, can be tailored to the specific clinical needs. At body temperature, the gel micelles entrapping the drug adhere to the mucosal layer of the bladder. The hydrogel retains the drug in its original and most effective concentration and releases it slowly over the defined treatment duration (can range from 3-24 hours as per specific treatment need). During the drug release process, the hydrogel is retained on the bladder wall through the cycles of urine filling and voiding, while being dissolved by the urine.
ICDR is easily delivered into the bladder via a standard catheter and entirely soluble in urine, leaving no trace materials after the treatment period. The hydrogel formula is 100% biocompatible.
Pharmaceutical companies can easily expand their portfolios with ICDR-enhanced product versions, thereby extending their patent protection and increasing potential profitability. TheraCoat is currently seeking development and commercialization partners for its current clinical programs.
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The company will participate in the 28th Annual European Association of Urology (EAU) Congress on 15-19 March 2013 at booth B57. The Congress is being held in Milano, Italy.
About Theracoat

Theracoat was founded in 2004 by uro-oncologists and biomaterial specialists. TheraCoat's Board of Directors and Scientific Advisory Board feature renowned scientific experts in the fields of urology, pharma top executives and experienced business veterans. TheraCoat is using its unique set of targeted drug delivery technologies for improving the efficacy and safety profiles of off-the-shelf drugs. The company has completed a phase I safety and tolerability study and has commenced efficacy clinical trials in two bladder indications – non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC) and overactive bladder (OAB).
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