Sunovion heralds PhIII success for COPD nebulizer

Sunovion’s COPD treatment passed muster in Phase III for both safety and efficacy, marking a success for its quick-acting nebulizer delivery system.

The SUN-101/eFlow system, described as a twice-daily maintenance treatment for bronchoconstriction, makes use of a closed-system delivery device. The portable electronic nebulizer acts more quickly than a standard jet nebulizer, according to the company, by employing a vibrating, perforated membrane to deliver its inhalable treatment. With this innovation, the eFlow can deliver an entire dose in two to three minutes, whereas the current standard is around 10 minutes.

The drug delivered is Sunovion’s own SUN-101, a long-acting muscarinic antagonist.

“Sunovion has a longstanding history of advancing treatment options for patients with COPD,” Sunovion Chief Medical Officer Dr. Antony Loebel said. “The results from the GOLDEN-5 study further build on the strong safety and efficacy profile we have seen in our previous Phase III studies, and we look forward to advancing SUN-101/eFlow through the regulatory process as the first nebulized LAMA for patient use.”

The study involved over 1,000 patients in the United States and Europe and was performed over 48 weeks.

- here's the release

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