Sublingual alternative to shots recommended for pediatric allergies; Recipharm, Synthonics team up to deliver pharma compounds;

> Under-the-tongue oral "drops" appear to offer a viable alternative to shots as a treatment for pediatric allergy patients. Item

> Recipharm Pharmaceutical Development and Synthonics have teamed up to allow the Swedish manufacturer Recipharm to use U.S. company Synthonics' metal coordination chemistry to deliver their compounds. More

> A new gel made from a substance found in the fruit and leaves of the papaya tree delivers a powerful treatment that dissolves tooth decay, a gentler alternative than a dentist's drill. Story

> MagForce won a European patent for its nanoparticle-drug conjugate NanoTherm, which can be heated inside a tumor to release the drug in high concentration therein. The platform has regulatory approval in 27 European countries. News

> Agile Therapeutics announced positive results in two Phase III studies of the company's investigational, once-weekly low-dose contraceptive patch containing ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel. More