Stratamark®, a New Gel, Is First Topical Medical Device For Prevention and Treatment of Stretch Marks

Breakthrough Product Clinically Proven to Allow Skin to Normalize Collagen Synthesis Cycle

TORONTO, Oct. 21, 2014 /CNW/ -- 65-75% of women are affected by stretch marks during pregnancy, developing lasting scars that often cause discomfort and itching and frequently have a negative effect on women's comfort with their appearance. Now Stratpharma AG, a Swiss-based company, offers a new topical medical device that is the first product of its kind specifically designed for the prevention and treatment of stretch marks: Stratamark® gel. An odorless, colorless gel, Stratamark dries into a thin, flexible sheet that hydrates and protects the skin, allowing it to normalize the collagen synthesis cycle.

An article published in the New EU Magazine of Medicine in July 2014 provided an overview of a clinical trial to study Stratamark's effectiveness in the prevention and treatment of stretch marks. The prevention portion of the study included 148 pregnant women with no stretch marks at the outset of the trial and 155 women with existing stretch marks for the treatment portion. Only 18% of the pregnant women developed stretch marks in the prevention phase of the study, with no "severe" or "very severe" cases reported. In the treatment phase of the trial, 80% of study participants reported improvement in their existing stretch marks.

"The trial produced significant statistical evidence of the clinical efficacy of Stratamark gel for the prevention and treatment of striae distensae, commonly known as stretch marks," said Dr. Jeremy Wong, a Toronto-based OB-GYN. "This is exciting news for pregnant women who want to avoid stretch marks, and it's also great news for people with existing stretch marks due to pregnancy, weight gain and loss, growth, bodybuilding, breast augmentation or other causes who now have an effective treatment option."

For years, there have been ointments, oils and creams on the market that claim to prevent or reduce the appearance of stretch marks and relieve associated discomfort. Many of these products contain cocoa butter, vitamin E, essential oils or glycolic acid. But while they cause no harm to users, these products haven't been clinically proven to prevent or treat stretch marks effectively. Clinical data indicates that using any moisturizing products for prevention and treatment of stretch marks is ineffective. With its unique gel formulation, Stratamark gets results, preventing and reducing stretch marks when applied daily for the recommended treatment cycle.

Stratamark softens and flattens stretch marks, reduces redness and discoloration and relieves the itching and discomfort associated with stretch marks. Stratamark is easy to apply to affected areas, contains no alcohol, fragrances or parabens and is suitable for use by pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, children and people with sensitive skin. To find out more about this breakthrough product, please visit or to purchase, please call 1-877-944-1974 or visit  

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