Spotlight On... Expert says diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis are top therapeutic areas for drug delivery innovation; and more...

Neil Camish of Research Triangle, NC, consultancy International Device Solutions said that therapeutic areas related to drugs that are difficult to deliver manually are the biggest drug delivery opportunities, citing diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis as examples. "They fall into two general categories: Long-acting release therapies (e.g., Bydureon), which involve complex user setups, and viscous drug products, which include long chain molecules, oily suspensions or microspheres. This latter category contains larger molecules with higher dosage concentrations, which cause discomfort or pain during injection," he said in a Q&A interview. More

> Camargo Pharmaceutical Services and Medicines360 have gained FDA approval for their levonorgestrel-releasing hormonal intrauterine contraceptive device. More

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